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Basement Leaks Cause Major Damage to Homes and Buildings

Always search for the simplest reasons water may be coming into a basement to make sure excess money isn’t spent tackling the problem. What this means is that a homeowner should have a waterproofing company come out to the home and inspect the gutters first of all. This inspection will find out if the gutters are clogged with leaves and dirt allowing water to run over the gutters onto the sides of the home instead of down the gutter into the proper drain flowing away from the home. If the gutters are not the problem, the drainage system should be inspected to see if the water is flowing off the property and down the drains properly.

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Basement Waterproofing is not a simple task when dealing with a home that’s being ruined due to excess water. It takes a good company to check out all the reasons for the excess water. It could be from a neighbor’s property flowing down a grade onto the homeowner’s property which may have to be settled legally. The company called in to help will make sure windows are installed and sealed properly, and that they’re not below ground allowing water to come into the home. They can also dig the soil around the house and apply a membrane or basement sealant to stop water from getting inside the blocks.

Water can be very damaging to homes and property. It can erode hillsides, leak inside the roof of a home, and enter the siding and insulation. When ignored, mold will quickly form causing more damage inside the home that will become very expensive to remove. It’s wise to have a highly recommended basement waterproofing company come in and study why the water is getting into a building long after it was built. Very often, this occurs due to the ground settling which causes a building to shift along with the ground.

Many times basement leaks occur more often in various parts of the country more than others. A waterproofing company that other homeowners in the area have called in to waterproof their basements can perform tests to see exactly where the problem is and what is causing it. If the leak can be stopped with a basement waterproofing product instead of digging the land around the home to change direction of drains, this would naturally be much more affordable and less time consuming to the homeowner.

The key to a dry basement is in knowing which waterproofing company to call to come out and find the cause of a leaky basement. Sometimes, it pays to have multiple companies inspect the building to decide which one a homeowner wants to work with.

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